Saturday, October 3, 2009

September 2009 Update

Hola Amigos,
It's been too long since we updated the blog, but we have been busy at Selva Del Mar. Two of the three lots in our NSR promotion campaign have sold and we are continuing to improve the infrastructure. The first picture is of Dominique on her lot.

October is a time to be mindful of rain and drainage. So before the rains came, we got to work preparing for it. This picture is at the entrance to Selva Del Mar. There was a huge mud puddle there, so when we got a little dry spell in July, we filled it with a truckload of crushed rock and then tamped it down with that compression device.

Drainage channels are being installed so we can keep the water off the road.

This area receives a lot of the runoff from the higher up areas so we wanted to insure there would be no erosion.

This crushed rock will be tamped in.

The drainage curbs are going in on Calle Monte de Oro.

Here you can see the drainage curb going in front of Colin, Dominique and Gray's lots.

Work has now been done all the way to Joe's house.

Drainage is particularly important on the road going to the top of Selva Del Mar.

So we are putting in more drainage channels and crushed rock.

Another truckload of crushed rock at the entrance of Selva Del Mar.

This is a picture of Dom and Colin's lots. See the young hardwood trees that we planted?

Vidal is doing well and so is Filete.

This is what it's all about here at Selva Del Mar. Excitement and thrills nearby, but tranquility at home.