Saturday, April 21, 2012

Selva Del Mar partners, Rich Brown and Rick Flanagan, at the new Rancho Santana clubhouse with  Selva Del Mar resident, Gray Gardner. Rich and his family spent the Semana Santa holday at Villa Espiral, Rancho Santana, which is about 15 minutes from Selva Del Mar.

Rich's family brought down  clothes, baseballs, soccer balls, and baseball caps for the kids in Gigante. Chris and Marisa Brown did an awesome job! Lovely Yamali Palma helped organize this little get together. Here are Chris and Marisa with their new friends.

This is in Tola, where a new project is underway to pave the road all the way to Gigante, thanks to the Pellas family and the Guacalito de Isla resort they are developing at Manzanillo, near  Selva Del Mar

This is the new entrance to Guacalito de Isla. It is approximately a quarter mile  from the Selva Del Mar entrance on the road going into Gigante.

It is as beautiful as ever back home at Selva Del Mar.

Ed's casita is now in the finishing stage of construction. This photo was taken last February.

Gray checks out the February progress on Ed's casita.

The dry season tree flowers were in bloom, and the above average rain kept things green through February. 

This is the best time in the last five years to buy a lot in Selva Del Mar. Here's why.

In 2006, Daniel Ortega was elected as President. Many investors were afraid that he would not keep his promises to honor private property rights and to encourage foreign direct investment. We now know that he has kept those promises. Foreign direct investment is on the increase, tourism is growing, and Nicaragua remains one of the friendliest and safest countries in Latin America.

The roads are better, there are ambitious power generation projects both completed and underway, using a combination of hydro, geothermal, and wind to reduce dependence on oil powered electrical generation. Major multinational corporations are present in Nicaragua and there is growth in manufacturing and service businesses.

The 2008 financial crisis hit the real estate market hard in Nicaragua, just as it did in the states. When home equity lines of credit dried up, the stock market tanked, and the U.S. government bailed out banks, car makers, et al, fear was everywhere, and the notion of investing in Nicaragua seemed all too risky, even for those who still had the resources to invest.

Now, we are seeing major investments in real estate by high end resort developers, and these project are all around Selva Del Mar! Guacalito De Isla, just south of Selva Del Mar, will be among the finest resorts in all of central america. With the new paved road, the whole Gigante area and it's stunning beauty will become a lot more accessible. Aqua Spa's inspired wellness retreat in Gigante's hidden cove called Redonda is nearby too.

Just north of Selva Del Mar is the Iguana Beach resort and golf course. This is where Colorado - one of Nicaragua's best surf spots, is located. An airstrip is scheduled to go in at Iguana soon.

North of Iguana is Rancho Santana, and they have just finished their spectacular new clubhouse, conference center and pool. A 17 room adjacent hotel is scheduled for completion in December of 2013.

Prices at Selva Del Mar are much lower than at these nearby resorts, but Selva Del Mar is equally (if not more) beautiful, and you still have access to great surf  and other resources. Right now, we are offering a special of 33% off list price for any available lot in Selva Del Mar, with financing available. Get in touch with us soon, because things are changing fast and the market could ignite at any time.