Monday, March 10, 2008

March 2008 Update

Hello from Nicaragua. This is where our Guadua Bamboo has been growing, 375 miles from Selva Del Mar. It rains 10 months a year in this area, so there is an ample supply of large Bamboo.
We are close to starting our Bamboo project. Pepe and Panta Leon have found the closest quality source for the Guadua Bamboo. The planned date for the cutting is March 29th. Apparently, cutting them right after the Vernal Equinox helps encourage them to regenerate.

Inta, The Institute of Agricultural Techniques has given us the ok to buy the Guadua.

Here is Pepe, checking out some amazing bamboo.

Faithful Bamboo visionairies.

Pepe has entered the design for Bamboo Casa #1 into an architectural ecohabitat competition. If you would like a pdf of his presentation, send me an email, and I will reply with the file.

Meanwhile, back at Selva Del Mar, we are improving the entrance, the entrance road and we are building the creek crossing.

These pictures were taken during a past rainy season. Partners Bob Nealy, Greg Ozimec, our old caretaker, Mario, Pepe and I are checking out the lower part of Selva Del Mar from lot 7 or 8. Our other partner, Rich Brown, was behind the camera.

Lot 5 has been sold. But we still have several panoramic ocean view lots available.