Friday, December 5, 2008

December 2008 Update

Hola Amigos,

Our little friend at Selva Del Mar seems to be saying hi too. I have no idea what this one is. The face looks different from a Cuyoso. Gray also showed me a picture he took on his cell phone of a creature that might have been some kind of anteater, with a long snout and big claws that it used, unfortunately, on the side of Solo's head. The poor dog's jaw swelled up but he seems to be getting better now.

Let's take a hike to the top of Selva Del Mar. First, you stroll through the fruit trees, where the many citrus trees are heavy with fruit.

At the end of the row of trees, our new pump house is almost done.

After walking west along the creek, we come to the road that crosses the creek.

The creek is flowing with clear water. We saw small fish darting around.

After crossing the creek and turning right on Calle Monte de Oro, we came to Joe's new house. Leonide's crew is laying the tile now.

We have this kind of tile in our historical home in San Clemente. By sheer coincidence, Joe is using it here.

There will be some sweet vistas from these windows.

And from the swimming pool.

Moving on, we head up the the road to the top, checking Joe's place from behind.

Heading back down to the creek, we are struck again by the beauty of Selva Del Mar, by it's wildlife, it's changes, and the sheer diversity of flora and fauna. November is a great time to visit Selva Del Mar.