Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September 2008 Update

Greetings from Selva Del Mar. We are making steady progress with our little place in the trees. The water system has been installed all the way to the top. There are valve houses at several places along the road to the top to service the various lots. We have a large water tank at the top. It is a temporary until we install our underground concrete storage tank adjacent to lot 1. Once that is built, we will construct an observatory over it so visitors and owners alike can get both the panoramic view from the top, and a better surf check of Panga Drops and Colorado.

While we were on lot 4 one afternoon, it was clear enough to see the top of Vulcan Concepcion, one of the two volcanoes that make up Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua. Sorry, I didn't have my camera with me for that one.

Here is a shot of the tree bridge in front of Selva Del Mar, where the monkeys can travel from Zacatan Reserve to Selva Del Mar and back.

Here I am, checking out the citrus trees at the front of Selva del Mar. We were really fortunate to get good weather as it had been raining hard for a couple of weeks before we arrived. But everything looked good and the plants and trees are loving the water and sun.

Here are some shots of Howler monkeys taken at Selva del Mar.

The creeks are flowing. Last October, Gray and Ryan jumped into the main creek at Selva Del Mar with their surfboards, and floated all the way to the ocean.

Here are some more of our young trees we have planted.

Here are some nice shots of Gigante. We don't focus on getting a lot of surfing or wave shots, but this trip only confirmed that there are many waves in and around Gigante that can get really good under the right conditions. Some of these spots can go off right under your nose if you don't know when and where to look. I can tell you that we surfed some great waves very close to Selva Del Mar with nobody else out.

The better known spots were also breaking well. The sandbars have really built up during the last few weeks of rains.

No hustle or bustle in Gigante.

My wife, Angela and my high school buddy, Jack Ridley came down with us this time.

This is Gray, Ryan, Angela and me on the beach at Gigante.

Here are some more shots from the Tola area, taken by Jack. Thanks, Jack for the great pics!

No trip is complete without a stop or two or three at Yolanda's for some great meals. Thanks to Yolanda, Ingrid, Rosa ad Ivania for some delicious food and warm hospitality.

Here are some extra scenes from Nicaragua.
I am wrapping up the final loose ends on our house at Rancho Santana, the luxury development north of Selva Del Mar. By way of comparison, Rancho Santana's least expensive lots are about the price of Selva Del Mar's most expensive lots.
If you buy a lot at Selva Del Mar, we will give you a free week at our place in Rancho Santana. Check it out at

Now that Angela and I have finished Villa Espiral, we will be refocusing our efforts on the Selva Del Mar bamboo project and on the house design for lot 4 at Selva Del Mar, that we share with our partners, Jimbo and Lisa.
Joe's house is coming along well. We will try to get you some pictures of that for our next update.

This is Lincoln, signing out, with some more Jack Ridley photos from Park Central, Rivas, Nicaragua, in front of the historical colonial church.
Keep laughing!