Thursday, July 10, 2008

July Baseball

It's been a long time since there was a baseball game in Gigante. The pueblo used to have a field and a team, but when the field was sold, the team faded away.

Like many Nicaraguans, Zacharias, aka Chivo, has a passion for the game. Zach had a tryout with a professional team and has some real skills. It was his dream to bring baseball back to Gigante.

So he did it. Here he is at Gigante's inaugural home game on the new field just down the road from Selva Del Mar.

Selva Del Mar lot owner, Joe, was essential in providing support for the team and in making the playing field a reality.

We helped out too. We bought the team outfits and hats. Joe and I got honorary hats and shirts out of the deal.

It was a double header and Gigante won the first game but let the second one get away from them.

Gigante fans cheer on their team.

Chanelle and Cassidy from legendary surf guide, Dale Dagger's crew, were there to offer their support

This was a really fun day and I'm only sorry we don't have more pictures to show you now, but we'll post more as they come in.

Gloria wants to know if you would like some cactus fruit juice.

Gloria mixes in a lot of raw sugar, but there is a delightful, tangy, fruity flavor backing up the sweetness.

The boys are going for a coconut milk and fruit concoction.

Follow your path.