Saturday, May 3, 2008

May Update

Happy May to you,

We were busy last month, and nearly forgot to feed Solo.

Actually, these two are great friends and they have a steady diet of leftovers. These are rice and bean eating critters. They are also very opportunistic and will eat just about anything. I haven't seen a finicky pet in Nicaragua. I haven't seen any fat ones either.

We fixed a problem we had last rainy season when water was coming off the Gigante road in front of Selva Del Mar, and was making a muddy mess across our entrance road on its way to the creek. So now we are helping it along.

Now the runoff will go under the road

and move through the channel to the creek.

Here is the channel running to the creek.

In this picture, we are looking toward the entrance and the Gigante road. I like how we built around the tree.

Special thanks to Rick and Segio for all their hard work. Doing a development project is complicated in the states and Nicaragua has an extra layer of sneaker sets one must duck dive. They are shouldering most of the load for project supervision and doing a great job while navigating some tricky but very promising waters.

The entrance road has been surfaced with crushed rock, so we are ready for May's rains, and the beginning of green season.

The creek crossing is done. Here is Rick, trying it out.

We also put crushed rock on Calle Monte de Oro. We left trees in the middle of the road near the rotunda (cul de sac)

We added a few more gaviones up near lot 1, so it will be safer to turn around up there.

We are still working to reduce costs and refine the design for the Bamboo project. You can only cut the bamboo on a full moon, so our next window is late May. We have obtained an appraisal for the front property and have a pro forma for those of you who are interested in investing in our bamboo project. If you would like more information, please email me at

Selva Del Mar and one of our lot owners, Joe Gilbert, are helping Gigante to revive their baseball team. We are helping out in the preparation of the local baseball field and we are supplying uniforms and other baseball related goodies to the team. Our local sales agent and community leader, Zacharias, who is an excellent player (he was given a major leagues tryout) is organizing the team (that's Cody in the picture, not Zach). If you would like to contribute to the program in any way, please let us know by sending me an email at