Saturday, October 6, 2007

Paris Hilton and Selva Del Mar

What does Paris Hilton have in common with Selva Del Mar?

Why, Kinkajous, over course!

I think ours is prettier though. In Nicaragua, they call them by different names, including honeybear (for their fur color and because they love to eat honey), mountain cat, and cuyosa (the latter being the term used by our caretaker, Vidal).

I didn't know much about them, so I posted an inquiry on Nica Living and somebody said it was a kinkajou. So I googled that and found all kinds of info. I like this website.

It's cute and informative.

What we know from observing our Cuyosa (I like Vidal's word better...fewer weird connotations and associations) is that it has a prehensile tail and likes to hang upside down in our Noni trees, eating Noni fruit. Noni is believed to have many health benefits for humans, so I imagine it's pretty good for Cuyosas too . The Cuyosa moves pretty slowly, like a sloth and when it's not eating Noni, it tends to stay high up in the big tree next to the old gate.

I wonder how it gets along with the Howler monkeys that hang out in the trees between our casita and Angel's place....