Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Progress Update September 2007

Buenas, from your Asocio in Selva Del Mar. I just returned from an 8 day trip to our proyecto . Life in Gigante is muy tranquilo. That’s mi hijo, Gray, hanging on the veranda, gazing across the road towards Zacatan, our eco-preserve neighbors.

It's been raining a lot and when you are on the veranda, you can hear the sound of the creek, surprisingly close, maybe 15 yards to Gray’s left. Here’s what it looks like.

The Limon Dulce are just getting ripe. Lo mismo with the regular limes. The Oranges ripen later. That’s a new coconut tree in the background.

The Platanos are growing well (I love tostones).

And the Picante Chilis are ripe. Careful, they’re really hot!

Under a canopy of these beautiful leaves,

are some tasty veggies. Gloria chopped some of Angel’s freshly caught lobster, one of these, added some homegrown limejuice and we enjoyed divine ceviche.

Our caretaker, Vidal picked some of the zuchinni from over by the creekside rotunda

We have white squash too, about the same size. As I walked from here toward lots 20-23, I spotted…

A brown and tan Hawk (Eagle?), with huge yellow talons. It watched me from a tree, then took off so fast, I barely kept it in frame.

Feel like making your own maracas and jamming to some regatone? They grow wild at Selva Del Mar. Time slows down at Selva Del Mar. As you sit on the veranda, you

suddenly realize how really quiet it is. You start noticing things you might otherwise ignore, like these flowers.

The more I stay at Selva Del Mar, the more I love it. Although we have no pictures of it, Gray and I surfed overhead Manzanillo by ourselves, and I surfed overhead Rosada alone last Tuesday morning. While not the norm, it is still possible. But I digress.

Progress is being made at Selva Del Mar. Road improvement is underway. “Gaviones” are being filled with rock, to stabilize the road and slope. It will also be about three feet over the road to stop any cars from slipping over the side. This looks from lot 9 toward lots 8 and10.

On the other side of the road, a mesh of synthetic fiber and coco matting is being planted with peanut grass. The drainage channel will be on this side. Rick and Sergio have no easy task being project managers at Selva Del Mar, but they’re doing a great job.

The road along the upper lots is being prepared for the gaviones and coco matting. Here’s Gray, talking with Delvis, the crew chief.

This shot is taken from the lot Jimbo and I bought (lot 4). We have an amazing 360 degree view. Our neighbor lots have incredible vistas too.

But the creek offers some soothing places to meditate.

A Casita along the creek would be sweet.

This is the new entrance road, within Selva Del Mar. It goes past the camera, toward the creek crossing. Hopefully you are now all familiar with its location and where and how the lots are numbered. If not, the pdf of the topo lot map on the website can be zoomed in on and you can see where things are (or will be). For reasons I will explain later, I hope you will all take the time to look at the recently updated website (more changes to come) and familiarize yourselves with the project.

There will be a quiz ;)
There’s so much more to tell you, but I’ll save that for the next time.

Gloria and her granddaughter hope to see you soon.

This is Lincoln, checking out with a view from lot 2. Adios, Amigos.
P.S. I spoke to Gray this morning (great cell phone reception) y dice "Colorado was going off!" Tubos hermanos!